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 Japanese knives


Wasabi yanagiba 240mm

Wasabi deba 210mm

Wasabi series
highly finished in tradition and technic
Like traditional Samurai swords the Wasabi series is marked by the one-sided whetted blade. The result is a highly cutting capacity.Developed in Japan and provided with a rustless Daido 1 K6 frosted steel blade these knives add to a far eastern flair in your kitchen.

A handle had been developed for the Wasabi series whose special combination of bamboo powder and polyphropylen offers highest hygienic standard- even with the antibacterial effect of the bamboo share.The handle is - in contrary to the traditional japanese handle made of wood - apt for the washing machine and no burden for the environment.

Shun Breadmesser 225mm

Shun series
Each Shun knife is a single work of art

Shun professional cooking knives are made of newly developed rustfree Damascene steel - 32 layers  each-, the inner part is made of Hitachi V-Gold Steel.This steel is extremely corrosion-resistant, very hard (62 % HRC, 1,0 % hydrocarbon, 1,5% cobalt) and this gives the blade its longlasting sharpness.
The handle is made of fine Pakka-wood and ergonomical designed. The handle’s cross-section shows the traditional japanese “chestnut-form”, which lies comfortable in the hand.

Each Shun-knife is an individual piece of work.
Each Shun-knife is whetted by hand and shows its individual and single character by process of improvement of the damascene streaks.

Shun VG
The new Shun-knives with classical japanese blades,made of pure Hitachi V-gold steel.

Prices on request.

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